Mountains Beyond Mountains Study Guide - Theme


Those who area already in economic crisis deserve both adequate health care and decent living conditions.
This is Mountains Beyond Mountains & Farmer’s message. Demonstrated by his work with individual patients and continuing even unto his dealings with the greatest of politicians.

The ‘long defeat’.
Farmer’s realizes that changing the fortunes of such impoverished countries as Haiti may in fact be a task insurmountable.

The more fortunate of the world seem to be continually deserting those in need.
Despite their ability to be a source of relief, they do not wish to see the less fortunate around them. As a result, they fail to assist in alleviating the distress of those left in want.

Duplicating a great man’s method, does not mean imitating the man. The work being done needs to continue with as great a devotion to its outcome as Dr. Paul Farmer was. One should not be intimidated by the fact that the man himself can never be replaced.

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