Questions and Answers

Mountains Beyond Mountains Questions and Answers

1. Where do Tracy Kidder and Paul Farmer first meet?
a.) at a church in Cange.
b.) at an American army base.
c.) at a meeting about TB in Russia.

2. What made Paul's childhood unique
a.) he lived in church.
b.) he lived on a bus,
c.) he lived in a trailer.

3. The peasants think Paul is
a.) a Voodoo priest.
b.) a god.
c.) a saint.

4. Paul calls his religion
a.) liberation theology.
b.) Voodoo theology.
c.) Modified Christianity.

5. Ophelia refuses to marry Paul, because
a.) he is undependable
b.) he will always be the kind of husband she needs.
c.) he is married to Haiti.

6. Ophelia’s responsibility at PIH is
a.) to manage the money.
b.) to manage the nurses.
c.) to manage Paul’s schedule.

7.) A sign of better circumstances for the Haitians is
a.) banana bark roofs.
b.) tin roofs.
c.) stone roofs.

8.) Paul’s wife lives in
a.) Port-au-Prince.
b.) Cange.
c.) Paris.

9.) When the military controlled Haiti, this junta was run by
a.) Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
b.) the Duvaliers.
c.) the United States.

10.) To be president of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide gave up
a.) a wealthy life.
b.) marrying the woman he loved.
c.) the priesthood.

11.) Two programs that PIH ventured into were curing TB in
a.) Peru and Russia.
b.) Cuba and Russia.
c.) Cuba and Peru.

12.) Paul loved everything about trying to eradicate poverty, but his favorite activity
a.) clinicals.
b.) lab work.
c.) research.

13.) Paul attended and spoke at many meetings and impressed the crowd by
a.) his black suit.
b.) his deep compassion for the poor.
c.) his impeccable state of preparedness.

14.) Paul was known for his treks which were
a.) long walks over many hours to see doctors.
b) long walks over many hours to see people with money.
c.) long walks over many hours to see patients.

15.) When Paul spoke of the O for the P, he was referring to
a.) oil for the poor.
b.) outcomes for the poor.
c.) options for the poor.

1.) b. 2.) b. 3.) b. 4.) a. 5.) c. 6.) a. 7.) b. 8.) c. 9.) b. 10.) c. 11.) a 12.) a. 13.) b. 14.) c. 15.) c.

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