Mountains Beyond Mountains - Afterward

Mountains Beyond Mountains Afterward

In June of 2002, seven years after Father Jack Roussin’s death, WHO adopted new methods for dealing with MDR-TB to which Jim Kim wrote, “The world changed yesterday.” The prices of second line antibiotics continued to drop, and the Russian Ministry of Health had finally agreed to the terms of the World Bank’s loan
– $150 million to be used to fight the epidemic.
The fear of 100 million HIV infections by the year 2010 had galvanized much of the world .
Jim Kim became the senior advisor to the new director of WHO in 2003, and the example of Zanmi Lasante continued to grow alongside Cange as the standards for global policy makers and American politicians.

Zanmi Lasante, has two-hundred health care workers, a dozen nurses, and twelve doctors. They care for over 3,000 AIDS patients, and provide retroviral to 350 . They have both the equipment and the trained personnel to do AIDS tests. Father Lafontant has built yet another operating room, and they have seen their first open-heart surgeries performed by teams from Brigham and South Carolina.

The afterward is a summation of what Paul has accomplished during his 20 years in Haiti. His accomplishments are many.

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